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Vol. 4 No. 4: Journal of Business and Management Studies

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Published: 2022-09-18

Research Article

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business and Society

Claire Chan, Douglas Petrikat

The Effect of the Credit Shock on the Capital Adequacy of Iraqi Private Banks

Muayad Abdul Wahid Najm Al-Salih, Zahraa Ahmed Al-Noa’imee

Testing the Relationship Between Financial Fragility and Financial Recovery Using Causality (Granger): An Analytical Study of a Sample of Commercial Banks Listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange

Fareeq Mahmood Saeed Al-Ramli, Mayada Salah-Addin Taj-Addin

Be Wary of Rich Manipulators: Differences in the Performance of Different Corporate Structures in the Face of Hostile Takeovers

Lingkai Kong, Yunxin Chang, Kenichiro Soyano

Measuring Financial Strength Using the Profitability Index and its Impact on Achieving Financial Soundness: An Analytical Study of Several Iraqi Private Commercial Banks

Jamal Hadash Mohammed, Lina Tariq Ali, Luay Ali Mhmood

Measuring the Impact of Liquidity, Profitability and Volume on Financial Performance: An Analytical Study of a Sample of Industrial Companies Listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange

Sura Dhaygham Hazim, Mutasim Abbas Turke, Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim, Huss...

The Role of Discipline and Internal Supervision on the Work Achievement of Employees at the Regional Inspectorate of Kutai Barat Regency

Iham Iham, Ida Bagus Made Agung Dwijatenaya, Yonatan Palinggi

Analysis of Big Data Utilization in Technology Companies (Gojek Case Study: PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk)

Usanto S

Analysis of Community Satisfaction Kutai Barat on Quality of Service University of Kutai Kartanegara Tenggarong

Rewina Rewina, Ida Bagus Made Agung Dwijatenaya, Musmuliadi Musmuliadi

Analysis of Factors Influencing the Employee’s Spirit: A Case Study of The Health Office of Kutai Barat District

Kristiana Kristiana, Ida Bagus Made Agung Dwijatenaya , Agustinus Djiu...

Analysis of the Effect of Work Discipline, Organizational Climate, Work Ethos, and Leadership on the Employee’s Performance at Barong Tongkok Office, Kutai Barat Regency

Henokh Henokh, Ida Bagus Made Agung Dwijatenaya, Musmuliadi Musmuliadi...

Consumer’s Perceptions of Service Quality in Surakarta’s Bus Terminal during New Normal Era

Nurdhina Arifa, Muhammad Sholahuddin

Monetary Policy and its Role in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: A Study in the Iraqi Economy for the Period (2004-2018)

Anas Dheyab Salim

Measuring and Analyzing Cash Flow Indicators and their Impact on the Financial Decisions of the industrial Sector in Iraq: A Study of a Sample of Companies Listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange

Khaled Abdullah Khaddar Al-Taie, Doaa Noman Mohammed Al-Husseini

The Role of Information Overload on Consumers’ Online Shopping Behavior

Gideon Appiah Kusi, Mst Zannatul Azmira Rumki, Fiona Hammond Quarcoo, ...

Determinants of Macroeconomics in Jordanian Islamic Banks

Zaid Muayad Basheer, Omer Abdulrahman Jadaan, Hayder Dhahir Mohammed

The Impact of Innovation on the Global Manufacturing: Selected Sample for 2012-2019

Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed, Nidaa Dakhil Jebur

Using a Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for Solving Transportation Logistics Problems

Osama Emam, Riham Mohamed Younis Haggag, Nanees Nabil

The Effect of Spiritual Marketing and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of Soliko Kale Company

Khosrow Hajizadeh, Amir Kazemi

India’s Ascent to a Global Leadership: KPO as a Case in Point

Mohit Ganesh Gupta

Islamic Fiqh Views on E-Commerce

Nahlah, Mukhtar Lutfi, Mukhtar Lutfi, Nasrullah Bin Sapa

Development of a Conceptual Framework for Relationships between Social Media Marketing and Intentions to Stay at Five-Star Hotels

Nyoman Indah Kusuma Dewi, Gede Pradiva Adiningrat , I Wayan Wirga , Up...

Proactiveness, Innovativeness and Risk-Taking Propensity: Its Implications on Sales Growth Performance of Micro-Businesses

Mark Anthony Pelegrin, Ruben Nayve, Jr, Rommel Mansueto

Revisiting the Entrepreneurial State Argument: A Malaysian Perspective

Kishenjeet Nelson Dhillon

Overcoming Remote Leadership Challenges: Lessons Learned from Covid-19

Daniel Gandrita, Ana Gandrita, David Pascoal Rosado

Do Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing Impact Purchase Intention Mediated by Perceived Value?

Riza Aura Febriani, Muhammad Sholahuddin, Rini Kuswati, Soepatini

The Impact of e-WOM and Celebrity Endorser on Purchase Intention Mediated by Brand Image: A Study on Halal Cosmetic Products

Astri Indriana, Muhammad Sholahuddin, Rini Kuswati, Soepatini

Perception of Partnership among Freight Forwarder Companies in Supporting SDGs for the Sustainability of the Logistics System in Indonesia during the Covid 19

Riandhita Eri Werdani; NURUL IMANI; Stacia Mege, Suwandi, Ari Heryanto...

The Causes and Effects of High Commodity Prices in Uganda Giving Solutions on how to Overcome Them

Francis Muhire, Judith Nakirijja

The Role of Social Technologies in Enhancing Organizational Ingenuity: A Survey Study in Asiacell Communications

Mohamed Hussein Marie, Ali Abdulfattah Alshaher