Proactiveness, Innovativeness and Risk-Taking Propensity: Its Implications on Sales Growth Performance of Micro-Businesses

Proactiveness, innovativeness, risk-taking propensity, sales growth performance, microbusinesses


November 26, 2022


The rising number of micro-businesses has, in one way or another, created an impact on the Philippine economy. However, the sustainability of these micro-businesses seems to be in question, for they do not last long in the industry. Hence, the entrepreneurial orientation of micro-businesses was investigated, and its impact on the business's sales growth performance. Using the Resource-based View (RBV), entrepreneurial orientation was classified as a resource that is crucial in having a competitive advantage. Frequency, weighted mean, multiple regression, and analysis of variance were used to investigate variable relationships. According to these statistical approaches, there is a significant relationship between entrepreneurial-oriented traits and sales growth. The study identified several implications for increasing entrepreneurial orientation in micro-business sales growth.