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Translation with Editing

Translation with Editing combines the precision of professional language translation services with the meticulous refinement of editing, ensuring that translated documents not only accurately convey the intended meaning but also meet high linguistic and stylistic standards.

Our translation experts employ a scholarly approach to document translation, drawing on a deep understanding of the source language's intricacies and nuances. With a keen focus on maintaining academic rigor, they meticulously ensure that the translated content accurately reflects the original meaning, allowing for seamless comprehension within the academic community. Through their linguistic proficiency and commitment to precision, our experts facilitate effective cross-cultural communication, making scholarly work accessible and impactful on a global scale.

We offer translation services for the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • English
  • Arabic

Pro Plan


Per Word

Human Translation

Translation and editing assisted by a two-level AI system

Thorough examination conducted by a bilingual translator possessing expertise in your specific field of study

Complimentary editing

translation certificate

Signed & Stamped

2-7 Business days

Traditional Plan


Per Word

Human Translation

Translation and editing assisted by a two-level AI system

Thorough examination conducted by a bilingual translator possessing expertise in your specific field of study

Revisions Included

1-5 Business days

Basic Plan


Per Word

Human Translation

2 level AI-assisted translation and editing

2-7 Business days

How it works

We adhere to a systematic four-step procedure to ensure the delivery of a manuscript that preserves the inherent meaning and is prepared for submission to a scholarly journal.

Step 1

The translation process begins with a thorough analysis of the source document, understanding its linguistic intricacies, and identifying any cultural nuances.

Step 2

A skilled translator then meticulously translates the content into the target language, ensuring accuracy and maintaining the original document's tone and intent.

Step 3

The translated document undergoes a comprehensive review by a senior language expert, addressing any potential issues and guaranteeing linguistic precision.

Step 4

The final translated document is delivered, meeting high-quality standards and ensuring effective communication across language barriers.

Academic Translation Features and Benefits

Preservation of Scholarly Nuances

Our academic translation ensures the preservation of nuanced terminology, concepts, and academic language, maintaining the integrity of the original scholarly work.

Cultural Sensitivity and Contextual Understanding

Our translation experts bring a profound cultural understanding to academic texts, ensuring that cultural nuances are considered for accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

Maintaining Academic Rigor

The translation process prioritizes the preservation of academic rigor, ensuring that the translated content upholds the standards and precision expected within scholarly discourse.

Enhanced Accessibility for Global Audiences

Our academic translation makes scholarly work accessible to a broader global audience by presenting it in languages other than the original, facilitating cross-cultural communication and knowledge dissemination.

Consistency in Terminology and Style

Our translation experts ensure consistency in terminology and writing style, contributing to the coherence of the translated document and aligning it with established academic standards.

Quality Assurance through Editing

Our academic translation often includes an editing component, guaranteeing that the translated text not only accurately reflects the original content but also meets high linguistic and stylistic standards, enhancing overall document quality.

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Our translation is distinguished by its meticulous attention to linguistic precision, ensuring a polished representation of content in the target language.


Our on-time translation service ensures timely and reliable delivery of accurately translated content to meet your deadlines and expectations.


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