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About us

Welcome to Al-Kindi! As an independent academic publisher sharing outstanding scholarly work since 2018, we stay faithful to our initial principles and hold ambitious aspirations for what lies ahead.

Al-Kindi Publisher:

propels intellectual advancement by curating, disseminating, and preserving scholarly works, fostering knowledge exchange and academic progress globally.

Serving the research community

As a dedicated ally to the research community, our publisher enriches scholarly pursuits by disseminating high-quality content, fostering collaboration, and providing a platform for impactful knowledge exchange, advancement, and discovery.

Helping people access quality research

Our mission revolves around facilitating individuals' access to exceptional research resources, ensuring they can engage with and benefit from high-quality and impactful academic and scientific knowledge.

Disseminating Knowledge

Sharing insights through scholarly publications and platforms

Nurturing Authors

Supporting and guiding diverse voices in academic writing

Where it all started

Established in 2018, Al-Kindi Publishers rapidly evolved from a focus on niche areas to a diverse portfolio covering various academic domains. The launch of flagship journals underscored a commitment to peer-reviewed excellence and a mission rooted in disseminating rigorous research and fostering intellectual dialogue. Over the years, the publisher formed partnerships with esteemed academic institutions, providing a global platform for scholars. The editorial team ensures high standards, curating content that advances knowledge and stimulates scholarly debate. Al-Kindi Publishers, adapting to the digital age, champions open access, global accessibility, and ethical publishing practices, with conferences and symposia serving as crucial forums for intellectual exchange.

Today, Al-Kindi Publishers stands as a testament to collaborative scholarship's transformative impact. With a robust catalog and a global readership, the publisher continues to champion academic excellence, demonstrating growth, resilience, and an enduring dedication to advancing human understanding through the dissemination of scholarly work.

Al-Kindi Awards

Our awards recognize excellence in reviewers, authors, and best papers, shaping academic standards, inspiring innovation, and honoring contributors. These accolades are crucial for fostering a culture of quality and acknowledging the pivotal role played by individuals in maintaining the integrity of scholarly publishing.

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Collaborate with us for impactful research dissemination, contributing to scholarly excellence, knowledge advancement, and fostering intellectual dialogue.

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