The Role of Discipline and Internal Supervision on the Work Achievement of Employees at the Regional Inspectorate of Kutai Barat Regency

Internal Control Work Discipline


September 28, 2022


This study aims to clearly describe the performance of the regional inspectorate employees in West Kutai Regency and analyze the influencing factors in the implementation consisting of supporting factors and inhibiting factors. The implementation consists of supporting factors and inhibiting factors. The type of research used in this study is qualitative, meaning that the data collected comes from interviews, direct observations, field notes, personal documents, and other official documentation. Sources of data used are primary data sources; data collected through direct interviews with parties who are the object of research; and secondary data sources, which are data collected through documents relevant to the research. Data collection techniques used are interviews, documentation, and observation. The results of this study prove that the role of supervision is very important to the employee’s performance. Meanwhile, work discipline influences the employee’s performance. Overall, supervision and work discipline have a significant effect on the employee’s performance.