The Impact of Innovation on the Global Manufacturing: Selected Sample for 2012-2019

Innovation, GII Manufacturing, Value Added


  • Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed
    Assistant teacher, College of Administration and Economics, Tikrit University, Iraq
  • Nidaa Dakhil Jebur School of Economics, Directorate of Education, Qadisiyah Governorate, Iraq
November 9, 2022


The study dealt with some of the main axes of innovation and its impact on the level of manufacturing and the added value of the manufacturing industry in the sample countries by analyzing the role of innovation on this variable, and this was done using descriptive analysis methods. The thesis started from the premise that innovation has a positive direct impact on the level of industrialization for countries of the world and in a hierarchical manner according to the level of industrialization. The research was divided into three sections. The first dealt with a theoretical introduction to innovation, the second dealt with the nature of industry and manufacturing, and the third was measuring and analyzing the impact of innovation on the added value of the manufacturing industry. Represented by the global innovation index and manufacturing outputs, as well as the fulfillment of this chapter for all the standard indicators that support the hypothesis of the study, the study had recommendations, the most important of which was that developing and least developed countries should upgrade the global innovation index, which would increase production, productivity and patches of competitiveness for these countries. The study also recommended the need to increase spending on research and development and benefit from the experiences of developed countries in the field of innovation.