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India’s Ascent to a Global Leadership: KPO as a Case in Point


  • Mohit Ganesh Gupta Independent Researcher, Chartered Accountant, ICAI, Company Secretary, ICSI, Postgraduate in Finance, NMIMS, Mumbai, India


Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the more complex arm of Business process outsourcing. This research examines the existence and evolution of KPO’s in India. It also studies the driving factors, such as cost advantages, operational efficiencies, etc., behind the urge to set up a KPO by developed nations in India and the subsequent challenges faced by these nations in outsourcing their knowledge work. The paper identifies strategies that can be adopted by service providers in India to mitigate the various risks and challenges faced by the KPO sector and attract more business in India. The scope of this research has been widened to identify what makes India a global leader in the KPO space, and it also elaborated the necessity for further research required for additional steps which India can establish to maintain this competitive advantage over other countries. The research has found that India is currently leading the KPO sector to retain that spot; the study recommends some strategies and scope of further research.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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4 (4)





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Gupta, M. G. (2022). India’s Ascent to a Global Leadership: KPO as a Case in Point. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 4(4), 224–230.



Knowledge process outsourcing, India KPO