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Vol. 4 No. 2: Journal of Business and Management Studies

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Published: 2022-03-23

Research Article

Brand Activism: Impact of Woke Advertising on the Consumers’ Attitude and Brand Perceptions Towards Purchase Intention

Carlos Cristobal, Alyssa Rhose Del Prado, Ansberto Cagampan, Ernesto D...

Consumer’s Attitude on Online Payment Systems as Driven by Risks


Factors Influencing Shopee Users’ Intention to Purchase Products during Shopee Philippines’ Big Online Shopping Events

Isabela Bacay, Roiel Anthony Ramirez, Franceline Naomi Ramos, Jun R. G...

Invasion or Personalization: An Overview on User Attitudes towards the Privacy Issues in Targeted Advertising in NCR and Its Effect in Consumer Purchase Behavior

Bea Andrea Antonio, Kyra Lyn Dela Cruz, Aaliyah Isis Jimenez, Earl Pan...

Mismatched Endorsement: Role of Korean Endorsers on Philippines’ Telecommunication Brands

Earl Pantoja, Wennie Grace Dela Torre, Amabelle Inacay, Jadyn Gail Orn...

The Moderating Effect of the Country of Origin on Smartphones’ Brand Equity and Brand Preference on Customer Purchase Intention

Angelo Clark Castillo, Aimee Margaret Flores, Lance Matthew Sanchez,...

Consumer Behavior and Practices towards Green Marketing of Food Enterprises

Mathew Hervey Lim, Chrissane Rey, Maria Patricia Zamuco, Mary Carolin...

Consumer Trust in Mobile Phone Industry: Comparative Study on Traditional Commerce & E-commerce

Kian Balgomera, Armel Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Jan Emmanuel G Santiago, Ron...

An analysis of Gen Z’s Purchase intention of Video Games within Metro Manila

Lian Thorjie Lim, Enrico Miguel Peralta, Martin Jego Solano

Consumers Attitude towards Skincare Products Endorsed by Filipino Macro-Influencers on Instagram

Fatima Mae Libunao, Jhanniella Denise Martinez, Ma. Katlina Rodrigue...

The Effect of Online Wet Markets Website Quality on the Purchase Intention of Consumers in Caloocan City

Christian Brazil, Stephen Brian Neri, Allan Ysmael Soriano, Carl Fritz...

The Effects of Online Reviews on Purchase Intention in the Shopee Fashion Industry

Angela Dominique Andoy, Jose Antonio Beriña, Jan Erika Querubin, Jun G...

Advertising Appeals influencing the Brand Engagement of Gen Y and Z in terms of Social Media Pre-roll Advertisements

Erll Angelo De Leon, Ma. Bianca Resuta, Derie Rose Virtusio

The Effectiveness of Social Media Influencers in the Cosmetic and Skincare Industry to the Purchase Intention of the Generation Z Filipinos

Ronn Alexis Castillo, Czarina Zoy Jaramillo, Leonard Sy

Understanding the Influence of Mobile Interface of Shopee and Lazada on Customer Conversion

Therhey Ann Centeno, Alliah Clarisse Pacheco, Gem Danielle Sigua, Nic...

Socially Oriented Behavior and Purchasing Emotions of Filipino Consumers towards Eco-Friendly Apparel Products

Vinna Justin Alvaro, Mary Caroline Castano, Angela Faith Dela Cruz, Ma...

Transitioning Towards a Fully Digital Banking Environment: Analyzing Financial Consumption Preferences of Metro Manila Banking Customers

Nina Isabel Gigante, Patricia Anne Martin, Hiroshi Marutani

Instaworthy: A Study on the Effects of Photo Editing towards Electronic Commerce in Metro Manila

Kyle Ivan Anthony Pablo, Gerald Gallaza, Bianca Elizabeth Delos Reyes,...

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Consumers’ Brand Perception of Travel Applications

Fatima Amagsila, Ella Mae Cadavis, Jhon Paul Callueng, Jc Reimark Mani...

The Effect of Hospital Management Information System Performance on Hospital Financial Reports Quality Moderated by Human Resources Competence: An Empirical Study at DKI Jakarta Province’s X Hospital

Pramono, Adli

The Relationship of Facebook Messenger Marketing to the Purchasing Intention of the Consumers of Philippine MSMEs

Anne Valerie Casimiro, Cathleen Chua, Dominique Earl Pasquin, Jun R. G...

Pink Power: The Extent of Awareness, Driving Factors, and Overall Perception of Filipina Youth Consumers in Metro Manila, Philippines on Pink Tax Caused by Pink Marketing Strategy

Allaine Bernadette Chua, Alyannah Hidalgo, Joshua James Huyo-a, Alain ...

Pre- and Post-Purchase Factors Contributing to Dissonance of Filipino Credit Cardholders Amidst Exposure to Financial Risk

Andreana Gene Gomez, Kristine Falales, Tricia Mae Villaflores

The Impact of Online Advertisement on Building a Brand and on Purchase Intention

Xyrille Christian Cabigting, Angela Denise Marallag, Bryan Paulo Mari...

Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction towards Luxury Clothing: Quiet Luxury and Logomania among Filipino Millennials

Sophia Mae Dealca, John Rafael D. Estrera, Christian Lloyd L. Tibalao...

The Effect of Work Environment and Work Motivation on Employee Performance through Workload on Bpjs Health Employees Prima Branch Office

Niken Udanarti, Kasmir

TikTok as a Platform for Marketing Campaigns: The effect of Brand Awareness and Brand Recall on the Purchase Intentions of Millennials

Mary Aubrey G. Gesmundo, Melvin Dave S. Jordan, Wee Hansei D. Meridor...

Elements of Online Advertisements: Its Impact on Late Generation Z’s Purchase Intention

Mark Ryan Mergillano, Bryan Gabriel Nabor, Rhixonn Rourkee Halili, K...

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Customer Buying Intention of Customers in the Philippines

Lance Astoriano, Gerona, Justin Albert D., Marzan, Juan Carlos R.

A Case Study on Factors Affecting the Perception of Customers in Purchasing Air Fryer Products: Basis for a Proposed Enhanced Marketing Promotion Program

Terrence Arvin S. Auyong, Shawn Caesar M. De Jesus, Donnel Doglas G. ...

Remote Working during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic and its Implications for Employee Motivation: Some Evidence from Nigeria through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory

Charles Nwoko, Khashayar Yazdani

Analysis of the Dimensions of Lean Manufacturing through the Hierarchical Analysis Process in the General Company for Automobile and Equipment Manufacturing in Alexandria, Babylon of Iraq

Nawfal Kadhim AbdUon

Importance of Intercultural Communication in an Organization

Duaa Shahid

Sharia and Conventional Stock Investment

Nurul Aisah, Muhammad Sholahuddin , Sisca Dian Rahmawati Rahmawati

Impact of COVID19 on the Education System in the United States through PESTLE Analysis: A Case Study

Duaa Shahid

The Impact of Public Spending (Expenditures) on Economic Growth in Iraq for the Period 2004-2019

Khalaf Mohamed Hamad, Hassan Zaidan, Khalaf Al-Majma’i, Mohammed kamil...

The Role of Administrative Slouch in Expanding the Hidden Economy

Najim Suhel Najim, Saad Salim Ghanim, Qusay Jasim Mohammd