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Impact of COVID19 on the Education System in the United States through PESTLE Analysis: A Case Study


  • Duaa Shahid Hult International Business School, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA


A PESTLE analysis is a commonly used practice by marketing to access the macro environment of a company or an industry. This analysis helps organizations identify the external marketing factors that impact the external marketing environment of an organization. PESTLE analysis provides a framework to understand the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and ethical factors of an industry or an organization to evaluate potential changes required to implement managerial decisions. This tool is used to understand the growth and decline of an organization or its division to develop strategies in its operational direction. The aim of this case study was to assess the impact of Covid19 on the enrollment of international students in higher education in the United States through PESTLE analysis. It has been concluded that Covid19 badly impacted the recruitment of international students by the institutions of higher education in the country. It has been found that the pandemic adversely affected the budgets of the universities. It has been suggested to overcome some of these problems can be found through an aggressive market with some financial support from the enrollment teams of the respective institutes. The organization may adjust its operations and find new creative ways to stay on top of its game. Enrollment trends and operations are expected to be impacted by several micro and macro trends in the long term, and some of these factors might become responsible for changes in the functions and operations of the organizations. In the long run, the best practice with this uncertainty is to keep a close eye on the changing trends and build an organizational leadership that's flexible and eager to adapt to the new challenges they will face.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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4 (2)





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Shahid, D. (2022). Impact of COVID19 on the Education System in the United States through PESTLE Analysis: A Case Study. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 4(2), 477–482.



PESTLE analysis; COVID19; political factors; economic factors; environmental factors social factors