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Importance of Intercultural Communication in an Organization


  • Duaa Shahid Hult International Business School, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA


Communication is the bridge that can unify cultures, but it requires continuous tweaking, buy-in, and also excitement from all teams. Communication is the process used by people to transmit, interpret, and share information. Effective information communication among the organization's employees is essential to increase employee engagement and motivation to encourage fulfillment. Communication requires reciprocity; it includes speaking and listening, making feedback one of the most imperative tools to direct the organization in a culturally diverse environment. Providing the necessary tools to guide, teach and train employees to navigate through a culturally diverse organizational environment successfully is an organization's responsibility so that it can cultivate employee growth and success. The purpose of this short article is to show the significance and utility of the concept of business society for scholars and practitioners in the field of information studies. It offers an academic as well as empirical assessment of the results of society on interaction and info in companies. First, the ideas of organizational society, information as well as communication are quickly discovered. Then a case study of the impacts of business culture on communication as well as details exists. Particularly, we make a thorough assessment of exactly how perspectives to communication and info that had their origins in a leading business culture were a strong impact on the death of the firm. It has been concluded in this review that educating the employees in an organization can help provide a better understanding of intercultural differences, organization-appropriate behaviors, and conflict resolution. Recognizing the complexities involved between communication and culture has become a need for most organizations to gain a competitive advantage and shape a positive workplace environment.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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4 (2)





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Shahid, D. (2022). Importance of Intercultural Communication in an Organization. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 4(2), 459–463.



Communication;, culture and communication, 1.2 Challenges of Intercultural Communication, 1.3 Leadership in Intercultural Communication