Latest Issue

Vol. 6 No. 2: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

(February Issue, 2023) 

Published: 2023-02-02

Research Article

On the Study of Chinese Puns in English Translation from a Rhetorical Perspective: A Case Study on Xi You Ji and its Two English Translations

Bing Zhang

A Corpus-based Analysis of The Time Machine: From the Perspective of Literary Stylistics

Hongming Fang

Paratexts in Translation as Mediators: A Case Study of Lin Yutang’s English Translation of Dao De Jing

Huaqian He

Effectiveness of Collaborative Zoom Breakout Rooms Discussion on Eliminating Subject-Verb Agreement Difficulties Encountered by Palestinian English majors

Zulfa Sh. Badereddeen

Blended High School English Teaching and Multiple Assessment System Construction Strategies

Yuanling Jiang

How the Use of ICT Encourages the Student`s Collaborative Learning

Nawal Balol

Reality of the Real Lecturer, Tutor and Teacher: A Discussion Paper

Salah Obeid, Nawal Salih Ahmed Balol, Sabah Mohamed Abass Hamza

Independent Curriculum in the Perception of Indonesian Language Teachers of Smp/Mts in Yogyakarta

Annisa Cahya Rahina, Kastam Syamsi, M. Ed

Is Geography Destiny? A Deleuzoguattarian Reading of The Little Black Fish

Selin Şencan

Perceived Barriers to Critical Thinking Development: The Student’s View

SALOUA AOUAF, Lamiae Azzouzi, Hamid Housni

Splitting NegP in Standard Arabic: A Syntactic Study into VSO Word Order in Negative Sentences

Yassine Khaya, Bani Koumachi

The Implementation of Literature Circles Strategy for Vocabulary Learning: A Case Study of SMP Negeri 1 Imogiri, Indonesia

Elly Nurmayanti, Kastam Syamsi

The Language Difficulty of the Original Version and the Rewritten Version of The Time Machine: A Corpus-based Study

Xiaoyi Wang

The Study of Female Anxiety in Hotel du Lac from the Perspective of Power Theory

Qing man Chen

Unravelling Images of Women in the Wedding Agreement Film: A Feminist Study

Putri Ayu Wulandari, Kastam Syamsi

Representation of Female Characters in the Novel "Women at Point Zero" by Nawal EL Saadawi using the Sara Mills Perspective Approach

Arin Suryaningsih, Suminto A. Sayuti

(English-Spanish) Glossary of the Teaching Innovation Project “INNOVAtio Translationis: Science and Law”

Esther Vázquez y del Árbol

A Review on Language Control of Bilingual Speech Production in Language Switching

Ruiyong Liu

A Review on the Effects of Foreign Language Anxiety on Second Language Learning

Xiaofei Zhao

The English Translations of the Qur'an by Jews: A Critical Study of Nessim Dawood’s Translation "The Koran"

Mahmoud Ibrahim Rezk Elnemr

Writing Difficulties among Undergraduate Arab Students in English Language: A Case Study of King Khalid University

Chitra Dhanapal, Sakina Nasir Abdallah Agab

The Translation and Analysis of Expansion (Indonesian- English): A Descriptive-Analytical Study

Firmansyah, Ni Luh Putu Setiarini

Cultural and Lexical Challenges Faced in Translating Some Selected Verses of Surat Maryam into English: A Thematic Comparative Review

Majda Babiker Ahmed Abdelkarim, Ali Albashir Mohammed Alhaj