Cultural and Lexical Challenges Faced in Translating Some Selected Verses of Surat Maryam into English: A Thematic Comparative Review

Challenges, Cultural, Review, Selected Verses, Surat Maryam, Translating


February 28, 2023


Translating the Arabic Qur’anic cultural and lexical expression into English has always been a strenuous and complicated task. It is ever more problematic than the translation of any genre. The recent study is a caveat-lector endeavor especially to scrutinize cultural and lexical challenges faced in translating some selected verses of Surat Maryam into English and their rendering losses. The foremost significance of this study is how the three selected Quranic translators attempted to achieve adequate cultural and lexical equivalence when rendering implicative meaning and profound meaning of the cultural and lexical expression in Surat Maryam. The study demonstrates that three targeted. Quranic translators' renderings encountered cultural and lexical challenges while translating some selected verses of Surat Maryam into English. It is also discovered that proper linguistic and explicative analyses are priorities for accurate translation, which avert discrepancies in implicative meaning and rendering loss. The study concludes that the three notable  Quranic translators employed literal translation, verbatim translation, Semantic translation, and communicative translation methods in rendering some selected ayahs[ verses] of Surat Maryam into English comprising lexical and cultural challenges.

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