Latest Issue

Vol. 5 No. 2: Journal of Business and Management Studies

(March-April Issue, 2023) 

Published: 2023-03-02

Research Article

Suggestions on the Development of the Health Insurance Industry during the Normalization Phase of COVID-19 in China: Based on the Comparative Analysis Method

Yue Lin, Yixiang Fang

Determinants of Employee Retention in Pharmaceutical Companies: Case of Saudi Arabia

Majed Alshamrani, Sager Alharthi, Majed Helmi, Tariq Alwadei

Application of Religious Values and Local Wisdom in Government Leadership in Morowali District, Central Sulawesi Province

Anwar Hafid, Ermaya Suradinata, Khasan Effendi, Sampara Lukman

Challenges of Social and Digital Media Engagement for Established Brands: A Rise of Crowd Culture

Mahmud Wahid, Zinat Sultana

How to Improve Employee Performance through the Role of Work Engagement Mediation Empirical Studies on Public Sector Organizations

Titik Sri Sabekti, Ahmad Ikhwan

Exploring the Advantages and Insights of e-Banking Development in Hong Kong

Xiruo Zhu

Financial and Internal Control Compliance Supervision of Listed Companies from the Perspective of Independent Directors

Chen Xiaoxin

Non-traditional Tools for the Central Bank of Iraq as a Model

Bassem Hassen Ismail, Mohamed Emad

Brainstorming: The Need for Professionalization of Facilitators and Participants.

Arthur D. Gogatz, Mark Azavedo

Exploring the Perceived Prospects of the Belt & Road Initiative on Policy Impacts for Madagascar

Rasoanirina L.A Fienena, Meng Kheang Sorn, Wu Ge, Erpeng Wang

A Study on the Post Pandemic Marketing Mix Responses of Micro Food Businesses in Laguna, Philippines

Donn Enrique Moreno, Jose Iñigo Espiritu, Isabelle Rose Maniclang, Llo...

Model of Social Services for Disabilities in DKI Jakarta Province

Maria Margaretha, Sadu Wasistiono, Hadi Prabowo, Marja Sinurat

Representative Stock Analysis in Chinese Medical Industry and Relevant Investment Recommendations Review

Zhang Jingyi

Student’s Understanding of “Innovation in Crisis Management” for Business: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh

Shahana Pervin