Suggestions on the Development of the Health Insurance Industry during the Normalization Phase of COVID-19 in China: Based on the Comparative Analysis Method

health insurance COVID-19 epidemic comparative analysis PEST analysis model developmental suggestions


  • Yue Lin Institute of Western Languages and Cultures, Beijing Language and Cultural University, Beijing 100089, China
  • Yixiang Fang International College, Wenzhou Business College, Wenzhou 325035, China
March 2, 2023


At present, China has gradually entered the period of normalization of COVID-19. Due to the raging pandemic, the domestic and international economic situation is not optimistic, and the health insurance industry is closely related to people's well-being, but currently, there is still little research on the development of the health insurance industry. Therefore, this paper revolves around the discussion of this industry. This paper first analyzes the current situation of the industry using the PEST analysis model and then summarizes some of the factors that drive the development of the health insurance industry and measures to promote the industry in different periods and regions using the comparative analysis method based on existing research. Given the above comparative analysis, this paper finds the fundamental points for development and gives development suggestions from three aspects: product innovation, technology development, and system reform.