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Exploring the Advantages and Insights of e-Banking Development in Hong Kong


  • Xiruo Zhu School of Accounting, Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin 150028, China


As a prosperous Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong has been ranked as the world's freest economy for 22 consecutive years. In addition to being ranked first in the Economic Freedom of the World 2022 Annual Report, Hong Kong continues to rank first in the five major assessment categories of “freedom of international trade” and “regulation”. “This is attributed to Hong Kong's focus on optimising the business environment and the increasing efficiency of the market, which has enabled the economy to grow dynamically. In an era where the role of financial technology is widespread, Hong Kong has also kept pace with Internet finance, and the rapid development of e-banking has been instrumental in driving Hong Kong's economic prosperity and leveraging the advantages of a free market. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the basic situation of e-banking in Hong Kong, compare the strengths of e-banking in Hong Kong and then explore the development trends of e-banking in Hong Kong under these operating models for insights. The study shows that Hong Kong's rapid growth and prosperous economy cannot be achieved without continuous innovation and self-management. With the strong development of Internet finance, e-banking in the Greater Bay Area and e-banking in the Mainland need to work together to innovate, meet the challenges and promote the development of China's financial industry.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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5 (2)





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Zhu , X. (2023). Exploring the Advantages and Insights of e-Banking Development in Hong Kong. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 5(2), 57–60.



Hong Kong, Finance, e-Banking, Development Advantages, Insights