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Vol. 5 No. 1: Journal of Business and Management Studies

(January-February Issue, 2023) In Progress ...

Published: 2023-01-01

Research Article

Employee Engagement and Organisational Commitment in Nigeria: Does it Matters for Local Government Service Commission?

AKPOLO Rowland Bodiseowei, ODIRI, Vincent, I.O.

The Impact of Diversification Policy on Revenues of Commercial Banks: A Case of Iraqi Commercial Banks

Ammar Elias Ahmed, Saja Fathi Mohammed Younis

The Effects of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Its Implication on Company’s Performance: A Case study of Perumdam Tirta Alam Tarakan

Arkas Viddy, Rukisah, Ana Srielaningsih, Hanadelansa, Andi Asrifan

Gender Mapping in Higher Education Systems: A Case in Indonesia

Jullimursyida, Khalsiah, Deasy Siska, LIiliswidaningsih, Aan Komariah,...

Leadership Style, Compensation and Competence Influence on Employee Performance through Job Satisfaction

Nur Ida Iriani, Suyitno Suyitno, Totok Sasongko, Muhamad Rifai, Poppy ...

The Perspective of Rural Entrepreneurs in Indonesia toward the Challenges of Developing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): An Evidence from Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan Province

Darusman Darusman

Marketing Affiliates, Influencers, and Purchase Decisions of Shopaholic Users in Jakarta

Husnayetti Husnayetti, Cantika Awalya Ramadhanty, Erion Erion

Effects of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intention in the Retail Sector of Australia

Syed Ibrar Hussain, Ranga Chimhundu

Measuring Financial Health Analysis Using Risk-Based Bank Rating (RRBR) Ratios: Evidence from Syariah Bank Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) For Periods Of 2018-2020

Agung Wirayogi, Oktofa Yudha Sudrajad , Wiwiek Mardawiyah Daryanto

Analysis of Control and Evaluation of Digital Marketing in the Hospital

Pratiwi Pratiwi, Jaslis Ilyas , Wahyu Sulistiadi

Improving the Quality of People's Salt Using the Blue Economy Concept in East Java Province, Indonesia

Roudlotul Badi'ah, Wiwik Handayani, Ika Korika Swasti

The Role of Job Dissatisfaction on Low Productivity in Ghanaian Sectors: Finding the Way Forward.

Saima Jahan, Gideon Appiah Kusi, Tanzin Akter Zisa, Fiona Hammond Quar...

Tourism Business Sustainability Analysis in the Post-Pandemic Era: A Systematic Literature Review

Herry Rachmat Widjaja, Farid Said, Jujuk Ferdianto, Surayal Hizmi, Riz...

The Impact of Diversification Policy on the Risks of Commercial Bank: A Case Study of Iraqi Commercial Banks

Ammar Elias Ahmmed, Saja Fathi Mohammed Younis

Government Management Strategy to Maintain the Quality of Local Government Financial Reporting in East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

La Ode Hasiara, Matjuri, Muhammad Suyudi, Fatahul Rahman, Noor Fachman...

Exploring the Link between Training and Development, Employee Engagement and Employee Retention

Seema Bhakuni, Sandeep Saxena

The Underlying Theories of Organizational Sustainability: The Motivation Perspective

Mostafizur Rahman, Sazali Abd Wahab, Ahmad Shaharudin Abdul Latiff