Latest Issue

Vol. 6 No. 1: Journal of Business and Management Studies

(January-February, 2024) 

Published: 2024-01-06

Research Article

Enhancing Retail Success: A Comprehensive Analysis of Visual Merchandising Influence on Customer Engagement and Purchase Behavior in Philippine Local Retail Businesses

Cris Saranza, Yuri Pendon, Glenn Andrin

Exploration of Factors Influencing Intention to Leave: Indonesian Professional Working in Qatar Case

Yudi Siswadi, Aurik Gustomo

Innovative Approaches and Entrepreneurial Intentions: Analyzing Indonesia's Youth through the Theory of Planned Behavior

Ellyana Ayu Pramesti, Rini Kuswati

Work-Life Balance Experiences of Business Process Outsourcing Employees in a Remote Work-Set Up

Chen, Xing, Liu, Feng, Chen, Xu, Zeng, Junjie

The Consumer Buying Behavior and Its Relationship to Financial Management of a Purchasing Company

Yue, Shuying, Yu, Tuoxin, Li, Jin, Yan, Qiang

Organizational Commitment and its Relationship to the Employees' Work Performance of an Oil Company

Qu, Ying, Liu, Wanlin, Tan, Yan, Gao, Hongwei

System Analysis and Conceptual Design to Automate Administrative Functions Using Waterfall Method: A Case of Public University in Bangladesh

Israt Jahan Shithii

Digital Marketing and Business Performance of Selected Micro-Enterprises in China

Wang, Shaohua, Wang, Bei, Hu, Aiqing, Zhang, Xin

Stock Valuation of Telecommunication Provider in Saudi Arabia with the Case Study of Tawal Spin-Off of Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

Nizar Ihromi Hidayat, Taufik Faturohman

The Elucidating of Customer Value and Customer Loyalty for Halal Cosmetic: The Empirical Evidence of Indonesian Female

Anggun Suryanti, Wiyadi, Rini Kuswati

Does Attitude Matters in the Relationship of Green Brand Position and Green Brand Knowledge on Switching Intention of Green Product?

Wachidatun Tara Gading, Rini Kuswati, Nur Achmad, Wuryaningsih Dwi Les...

The Electronic Boycott of Foreign Products and its Impact on the Purchasing Rate of the Jordanian Consumer for Products from Beirut Lights Company for Hygienic Paper Manufacturing

Mahmoud Afeef

Blockchain Applications in Retail Cybersecurity: Enhancing Supply Chain Integrity, Secure Transactions, and Data Protection

Rejon Kumar Ray, Faiaz Rahat Chowdhury, MD Rokibul Hasan

Employee Performance Prediction: An Integrated Approach of Business Analytics and Machine Learning

MD Rokibul Hasan, Rejon Kumar Ray, Faiaz Rahat Chowdhury

The Influence of Compensation and Work Discipline on Employee Performance at PT Sygma Exa Grafika

Muthi Nafisah Permatahati, Dian Indiyati

Revolutionizing Organizational Decision-Making for Stock Market: A Machine Learning Approach with CNNs in Business Intelligence and Management

Malay sarkar, Rasel Mahmud Jewel, Md Salim Chowdhury, Md Al-Imran, Rum...

A Comprehensive Exploration of Outlier Detection in Unstructured Data for Enhanced Business Intelligence Using Machine Learning

Aisharyja Roy Puja, Rasel Mahmud Jewel, Md Salim Chowdhury, Ahmed Ali ...