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Organizational Commitment and its Relationship to the Employees' Work Performance of an Oil Company


  • Qu, Ying La Consolacion University Philippines
  • Liu, Wanlin La Consolacion University Philippines
  • Tan, Yan La Consolacion University Philippines
  • Gao, Hongwei La Consolacion University Philippines


The study aimed to describe employees’ organizational commitment in an oil company and assess its relationship to work performance. This study is structured on a descriptive-correlational research design because it allows objectivity and fast data collection, complete with analysis presented in statistical form for a thorough overview of the findings. Affection within the organization cannot be perceived in the settings of this study. Commitment that is filled with a sense of belonging does not exist and is not built within the organization. Such a form of commitment is usually developed within organizations that are highly social in nature, wherein the sense of being emotionally attached to one family is present. This can further be concluded as a result of probable internal relationships between leaders and fellow members, as it was mentioned that the development of such a construct within one’s self is affected by diverse factors such as management practice and organizational culture. It is, therefore, important that managers identify affectively committed employees to encourage employees with a normative commitment to share their side of the story about their organizational experiences.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

Volume (Issue)

6 (1)





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Qu, Ying, Liu, Wanlin, Tan, Yan, & Gao, Hongwei. (2024). Organizational Commitment and its Relationship to the Employees’ Work Performance of an Oil Company. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 6(1), 110–126.



Organizational Commitment, Relationship to the Employees, Work Performance