Latest Issue

Vol. 5 No. 7: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

(July Issue, 2022) 
Published: 2022-07-01

Research Article

Revisiting Philippine Folklore: Ba-diw as Discourse of Ethnicity in the Nonfolklorist Humanistic Lens

Chester B. Esnara

Usurping or Enchanting: Re-examing Ethical Duties of Arthur Waley as a Scholar-cum-translator in Translating Dunhuang Bianwen

Peng Yin

The World of Conflicts in Chinua Achebe’s No Longer At Ease

EPOUNDA Mexan Serge

Surface and Deep Structures in Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

Chile A. Villadarez

Synopsis of Folkloric Significance with Orientations to Different Iraqi Replicas of Folklores Civilizations, Traditions, and Customs: Tales' Genres are presented as Illustrations

Ali Al-Jaf, Maitham Alhamed

The Analysis of Imagery Aspects and Translation Strategies of Joko Pinurbo’s Poetry Anthology

Erwan Erwan, Achmad Juma Chatib Nur Ali

Metaphtonomies of Pain Conceptualized by Lubukusu Speakers in Doctor-Patient consultation

Wakoko Makarios Wanjala, Benard Angatia Mudogo, John Kirimi M’raiji

Language Anxiety for Non-Native Speakers: A Review Paper

Jonalyn Tano Sad-ayan-Lacambra, Stephenie Ong Busbus

Investigating Iraqi Teachers' Cognition of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Selected Schools

Mohanned Jassim Dakhil Al-Ghizzy

Challenges That Undergraduate Student Translators’ Face in Translating Polysemes from English to Arabic and Arabic to English

Reima Al-Jarf

Constructing BRI Image with Multimodal Conceptual Metaphor in Pictorial News from China Daily and BBC

Chao Lu, Wanmiao Sun, Yuchao Yu

Data-Based Analysis of Features of Chinese Translation of Emily Dickinson’s Poems in China: A Case Study of Translation Book I Dwell in Possibility

Jianxin Zhou, Jing Huang

Meaning Relationships in the Definitions of the Big Indonesian Dictionary

Retna Isti Pratiwi, Teguh Setiawan

The Visual Metonymy in Japanese Children’s Books Intended for Two Levels of Reader's Age: A Multimodal Approach

Dewi Puspitasari