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Resource-Based View in Marketing Literature


  • Meziyet UYANIK Department of International Trade and Business, Istanbul Topkapı University, Istanbul, Türkiye


Since early studies, the resource-based view that emerged in strategic management in the mid-1980s has been used extensively in many different disciplines, such as management and marketing, production management, and supply chain. This view, which focuses on the effects of the resources that businesses have and their ability to use these resources on business performance and gaining competitive advantage, focuses on the characteristics of the resources and capabilities that companies should have to achieve permanent superior company performance and thus to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. This study includes a comprehensive analysis of the resource-based view used to explain firm performance in the marketing literature. For this, first of all, the scope and development of the resource-based view are presented in detail, and then its use in the field of marketing is examined. In the study, the importance of marketing efforts within the scope of resource-based view in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage is discussed. Marketing performance outputs indicate all business activities due to their sphere of influence. For this reason, evaluating the contribution of marketing activities to business performance is one of the important agendas of businesses. In this context, studies evaluating marketing activities within the framework of the resource-based view in the literature were examined, and the contribution of the resource-based view to the marketing literature was reviewed. As a result of the research, it has been seen that the resource-based view is used extensively as a theoretical framework for the effect of marketing activities on the performance of enterprises. In some studies in the field of marketing, the resource-based view is used in association with other theories.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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5 (4)





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UYANIK, M. (2023). Resource-Based View in Marketing Literature. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 5(4), 29–39.



Resource-based view, resource-based theory, resource-based view in marketing