Why Publish With Us?

Global Access and Reach

The journal has a global readership drawn from interdisciplinary fields such as international relations, history, law, sociology, economics, and philosophy, and diverse professional groups from practitioners, teachers, trainers to students.
The journal is currently abstracted and indexed in EBSCO, Google Scholar among others. We continue to submit our journal to all known abstracting and indexing services to provide the highest visibility to your research so that your work is easily accessible to other researchers and institutions around the world.

Article metrics

Article-level metrics, including usage, citations, and Altmetric scores are available for all articles published in the journal, allowing you to understand the reach of your research, and the attention it is receiving online.


We have a strict peer-review system that ensure the content we receive is good and can be improved upon over the course of the review. Our Editorial Board has laid done the review policy keeping in mind the standard of the journal, the expectations of the many national and international readers and the larger audience.

Fast publication

Our peer-review system, however thorough and strict, is a fast process that allows authors to see their work published within a span of 2-3 weeks (depending on content). We ensure to work with authors whose work is already at an expected standard and provide feedback to further improve areas that need attention.

Rigorous review

Every manuscript receives rigorous and constructive peer review overseen by practising scientists who are world-class experts in their respective fields.

Open Access

We give free and open access to all the articles, solicited in our journals, making it easy to read, download, share and cite in further studies. All published manuscripts are assigned a unique and perpetual Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number through which the papers can be easily collaborated, shared and cited in further research.

Media promotion

The journal media platform is focused on the promotion of information, knowledge development, debate, and connection – centred on diplomacy as its central theme – online, and connected to offline events.
We are committed to promoting your research to a wider audience, using our numerous media platforms. The journal has a strong social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


We provide flexibility in formatting your papers. Your research paper doesn’t have to conform to a strict structure. While all submitted papers require essential elements, we do not impose any limit on paper length or the number of tables and figures.

Digital object identifier (DOI)

CrossRef is the official DOI registration agency for publications and other content types. It provides primary publishers with organizational and technological backbone to facilitate linking by associating DOIs with metadata. The DOI, or digital object identifier, serves as a persistent, actionable identifier for intellectual property online. Publisher DOI prefix is: 10.18801

Interested in submitting?

Please refer to our instructions to authors and the submissions site for more information.