Aims & Scope

The Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Studies is an international scholarly research journal that publishes high-quality, refereed articles that advance the knowledge base of the hospitality and tourism field. The scope of the journal includes but is not limited to the following topics:

Consumer behavior and marketing, Human resource management, Demand and technological forecasting, Smart, virtual, and digital innovations, Branding and brand management, Design, planning, and development, Managing environmental, economic, and social impacts; Market segmentation, targeting, positioning; Social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics; Participatory, e-commerce, and sharing business models; Operations management; Training and staff development; Strategic management and marketing; Organizational behavior, values, and culture; Networking, partnerships, and collaboration; Gender and identity; Change management; Product and service innovation; Service, delivery, quality, and recovery; Social media marketing and management; Risk, safety, security, and crisis management; Customer motivations, satisfaction, and intentions.