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Vol. 4 No. 1: Journal of Medical and Health Studies

(January-February Issue, 2023) In Progress ...

Published: 2023-01-02

Research Article

Assessment of the Medication Administration Errors in the Tertiary Hospital in Saudi Arabia: A prospective Observational Study

Ahmed Altowairqi, Abdullah Althomali, Abdulrahman Althobati, Hind A. A...

The Correlation between Mother’s Psychological Stress and Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Elementary School Age Children

Monycha Helaina Calista, Izzatul Fithriyah, Budi Utomo, Yunias Setiawa...

Risk Factors Associated with Empty Nest Syndrome in Elderly Women in the Work Area of Public Health Center (Puskesmas) 1 Kembaran Banyumas Regency in 2014

Martin Pratiwi

Quality of Life among Patients with Chronic Diseases: Integrative Review

Sahar Mardha Al Dawsari, Hajar Mudaysh Ali Alsalhabi, Mohammad Abdalra...

Is Mometasone Effective in Treating Otitis Media with Effusion?

Haider Majid Haider Al-Zaidi

Formulation of Natural Coffee Cream in Increasing Antioxidants as an Effort to Prevent Skin Aging

Arief Mukti Mindiroeseno, Siswanto Siswanto

Evans Syndrome and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in Pregnancy: A Case Report

Marcella Adisuhanto , Mario Steffanus , Delia Anastasia Tirtadjaja , A...

Awareness of Parents about the Side Effects of Phenobarbital and the Management of Epileptic Children, Taif City, Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Abdulrahman Almanjumi, Abdullah Althomali, Abdulrahman Althubaiti, Abd...

Evolution, Morphology and Function of the Amygdala: Focus on Schizophrenia

Antonino Messina, Caterina Crescimanno, Maria Salvina Signorelli

Investigation of COVID-19 Vulnerability concerning Built Environment in the Case of Ghazni City, Afghanistan

Sayed Adnan Mosavi, Nooruddin Mavlawizada, Mohammad Naeem Sarwary