Aims and Scope

The aim and scope of the the Journal of Medical and Health Studies (JMHS) are meticulously crafted to advance the frontiers of medical knowledge and provide a platform for cutting-edge research in diverse medical disciplines. Our overarching aim is to contribute significantly to the global healthcare landscape by publishing high-quality, evidence-based research that addresses key medical challenges and advances the understanding of health and disease. JMHS seeks to foster a multidisciplinary approach, welcoming original research articles, systematic reviews, and scholarly contributions that span the spectrum of clinical, translational, and basic sciences.

The scope of JMHS is broad and inclusive, covering a wide range of medical specialties, including but not limited to internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, public health, and medical education. We encourage submissions that explore innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying diseases, and delve into healthcare policy and medical education advancements.

JMHS is dedicated to promoting the dissemination of knowledge that enhances patient care, and as such, we welcome research that has practical implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and educators. The journal also serves as a platform for discussions on global health challenges, healthcare disparities, and the intersection of medicine with technology and society.

Our commitment to scientific rigor, ethical research conduct, and the dissemination of impactful knowledge positions JMHS as a leading resource for researchers, clinicians, educators, and healthcare policymakers. By fostering collaboration and providing a space for meaningful dialogue, JMHS endeavors to contribute to the ongoing evolution of medical science and practice, ultimately improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.