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Correlation Between Reinforcers and Level of Self-Esteem



This study, conducted during the academic year 2022-2023 at the University of Cebu Main Campus, aimed to establish the correlation between effective reinforcers and the self-esteem of fourth-year psychology students. Utilizing the Slovin formula, a sample size of 120 students was selected from the total population of 166. The Descriptive Correlational Method was employed to explore the connection between effective reinforcers and self-esteem, with a focus on these senior students who might be susceptible to academic stress and burnout. The study employed the Rosenberg Self-Esteem questionnaire for self-esteem assessment and conducted a pilot test to ensure questionnaire reliability. Data were collected via Google Forms, and a chi-square test was utilized to assess the relationship between student profiles, self-esteem, and effective reinforcers. Also, the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test was run to determine the relationship between self-esteem and effective reinforcers. The results revealed that natural reinforcers were the most effective in boosting self-esteem, with no significant relationship between student output and the variables. However, a significant connection was found between self-esteem and effective reinforcers. This study underscores the vital role of effective reinforcers in enhancing self-esteem.

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Journal of Learning and Development Studies

Volume (Issue)

3 (3)





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Encorporado, M. V., Razonable, S. Y., ABABON, J. B., Pasilang, B., Regulacion, M. P., & Sasan, R. A. A. (2023). Correlation Between Reinforcers and Level of Self-Esteem. Journal of Learning and Development Studies, 3(3), 34–51.