Operations Management Practices of Printing Press in Region IV-A: A Framework for Sustainable Strategic Operations


  • Nona Bhel R. Sevilla DEAN – CBA, College of Sciences, Technology and Communication Inc., Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines
  • Joanna Paula A. Ellaga DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, Southern Luzon State University, Lucban Quezon, Philippines


Business profile, framework for sustainable strategic operations management, operations management, printing press


The study aimed to develop a framework for sustainable strategic operations through addressing the problems identified during the conduct of the study and providing appropriate solutions that will greatly contribute to the success on the operations management aspect of the printing press in Region IV-A. Using the analysis of variance, the study investigated if operations management practices have significant difference with the business profile of the printing press. The research design of this study was descriptive method that involves survey and interview in the data gathering process. The respondents of the study were 67 Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)-accredited printers and used non-probability sampling technique. A modified structured questionnaire was adapted from a similar study. As to the business profile, it was revealed that most of the printing press businesses were classified as microenterprise with minimal capitalization. It was realized that the major contributor to the success was the design of goods and services particularly in customizing products that made appeal to customers.  Moreover, it was found that there is no significant difference between operations management practices when it is grouped according to the business profile. Problems were also identified as primary and secondary, primary factors arise from the operations itself while secondary factors involve marketing, human resource, and financial matters.


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