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Student’s Competencies and Learning Experiences on Bookkeeping of Grade 9 and 11 ABM Students in Canda National High School


  • Glenda V. Lumanta MASTER TEACHER I - Canda National High School – DepEd Division of Quezon, Philippines
  • Elaine R. De Villa TEACHER II – Cotta National high School – Deped Division of Lucena City, Philippines
  • Rina D. De Mesa MASTER TEACHER I – Gumaca National High School, Deped Division of Quezon, Philippines


Bookkeeping is not really an easy part of competency in Fundamentals in Accountancy, Business and Management which needs to be carefully analyzed by the students. This study was conducted to test the competencies of Grade 9 and 11 ABM students in studying bookkeeping as well as to know the learning experience of the said students in Canda NHS. Furthermore, it compares the level of knowledge between pre-test and post-test, the teaching and learning experience and its implication. This study used quantitative and qualitative design through descriptive-comparative with quasi-experimental and exploratory studies with experience survey. It also used non-probability sampling such as purposive and stratified sampling. To analyze the data, researchers used unstructured questionnaire and open-ended questions used in interview to respondents with statistical treatment of weighted arithmetic mean, and t-test. Moreover, this study also followed the ethical standard through the change of other name such as student 1, 2, 3,4 and a,b,c,d. Studying bookkeeping of Grade 11 ABM students and to Grade 9 as integration in Technology, Livelihood Education (TLE) gave a significant impact which we have seen on their pre-test and post-test, respondents based on their qualitative response regarding on how students believe they learn bookkeeping revealed that bookkeeping is difficult but if we could analyze, more practice, techniques to improve knowledge and believe in ourselves, it will become easy. Further, students must learn bookkeeping because it is about keeping financial records and; respondents said that teacher used a productive, good and useful visual aids and power point presentation. That is why the students are more interested to listen to the new topic and willingly participate in every recitation and activity that we had.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

Volume (Issue)

2 (3)





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Lumanta, G. V. ., De Villa , E. R. ., & De Mesa, R. D. . (2020). Student’s Competencies and Learning Experiences on Bookkeeping of Grade 9 and 11 ABM Students in Canda National High School. Journal of Business and Management Studies, 2(3), 49–53. Retrieved from



Students’ Competencies; Learning Experience, Bookkeeping, ABM Students