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Action Learning and Leadership Development: An Article Critique


  • Raed Awashreh Independent Researcher, Palestine


This critique is for an article entitled "action learning and leadership development" written by three scholars: Volz-peacock, Carson, and Marquardt in 2016 and was published in the journal of Advances in Developing HumanResources. Action learning, a famous widely used method in developing people skills. The authors explain that action learning teaches individual and groups of managers to handle real problems that may face in work. This method benefits three parties: learners themselves, employees, and their organizations and ensure the pipeline of leaders will not stop. The popularity of action learning rose because the method helps to develop leaders with less or limited resources. Managers who are learning through this method continue performing their duties. Although the article has no clear objective, it finds that action learning suits both open and closed organizational systems. Action learning uses leaders from inside organization to develop potential leaders.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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2 (1)





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leadership, transformation, action learning, changes