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Covid-19’s impact on Fresh Graduate’s Job Market in Bangladesh: An observational study


  • Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Khan Teaching Assistant, Business Administration, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Due to Covid-19, many organizations cut of their operations, employees and job positions to survive, and generates more unemployment in Bangladesh. This directly and indirectly affect the new graduates and the unemployment in numbers increase more. The purpose of this study is to explore how Covid-19 creates impact on fresh graduate’s (who recently completed their under-graduation or both under-graduation & post-graduation) job market in Bangladesh. This study will contribute in three different ways. Firstly, it will provide insights on job market of fresh graduates which forthwith impacted by Covid-19 crisis. It will help to explore the actions taken by organizations in response to Covid-19. It also discuss about the change in job nature & context, which generate shift in career among fresh graduates. For developing the theory, qualitative data have been used to explain the different factors. This is a desk research, so only secondary sources of data have been analyzed and interpreted. This research is conducted within a timeframe of March to September. The study reveals that there are impacts on job market due to Covid-19 crisis and careers of the fresh graduates might be in danger. So, coping up with the new normal and digitalizing the possible aspects of daily life including education to earnings can be advantageous for both individuals and organizations. This particular study not only endows with insights of Covid-19’s impacts on job market and careers of fresh graduates but also provides recommendations about digital educations for university graduates and new normal organizational rules, laws and context. The study suggests to find alternative solutions rather than jobs for fresh graduates to cope up with the pandemic.

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Journal of Business and Management Studies

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2 (1)





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Job market, Fresh graduates, Covid-19, Career shift