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Vol. 3 No. 8: International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

August Issue 

Published: 2020-08-31

Research Article

Error Analysis of English Compositions of Medical Students in Govt. College of Sindh

Nayab Iqbal Shaikh, Khalil Jibran

Cultural Translation Strategies in Translating Word-Plays in A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Slippery Slope

Wedhowerti, Anggita Wittaning Putri, Katarina Anggita Rachmaputri

Effect of Topic Familiarity on Summary Writing of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners

Mandana Jovari

Systemic Functional Linguistic Analysis of Text and Picture in Graphic Novel Batman: The Killing Joke

Reza Ramanda, Riyadi Santosa, Tri Wiratno

Communication Challenges Facing Soran University Students in Speaking English as a Foreign Language

Karwan Qader Hamad, Keivan Seyyedi

The Role of Interpreters’ Cultural Intelligence in Cross-cultural Encounters

Hanieh Daneshvar, Aida Firooziyan Pour Esfahani, Elham Yazdanmehr

Study on Linguistic Landscape of Macao in the perspective of CIS

Zhai Chenhui, Zheng Ruilin

Student-Teachers’ Professional Identity in the Age of Neoliberalism in an Omani Foreign Language Context: A Sociocultural Approach

Osman Hassan Osman, Ali Jamal Arafeh, Awad El Jahmi

The Effects of Facilitative E-tools on Listening Comprehension and Attitudes Towards English Language

Hammim Benito Casan

Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Formula of Begging Speech Act: A Hermeneutical (Re-Cognitive) Developmental Approach

Malik Kareem Hassoun

The Concept of Self-Alienation in Adnan Adel's Aʃre'ʕtun a Fe-Ara'a s Wa Donqolu Manfa: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Eman Hijazi

The Relationship Between Idiomatic Knowledge and Second language Proficiency/ Kurdistan Universities Undergraduates As An Example

Harem M. Qadr, Imad R. Madhat

Hyperreal World and Simulated Identities in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Yasamin Hemmat, Hoda Shabrang

Mother Tongue Proficiency and Early Literacy: the Missing Link in Kenya?

Safari Godfrey Ntalala

Presentation as One of The Best Models for Teaching Speaking

M. Budiyanto, Kamsidjo Budi Utomo, RM. Teguh Supriyanto

Constructing Local Aesthetic in Art and Culture Education: A Case Study of the Design of Curriculum 2013 in Indonesia

Kamsidjo Budi Utomo, S M. Budiyanto, Sunarto

L2 English Pronunciation errors by Kenyan University Students: A Case of L1 Ekegusii and L1 Kimeru Speakers

Jane M. Ombati, Eliud K. Kirigia

Indigenizing Telecommunication Products and Services: The Case of the Econet Company in Lesotho

Thetso ’Madira