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Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Formula of Begging Speech Act: A Hermeneutical (Re-Cognitive) Developmental Approach


  • Malik Kareem Hassoun


The concern of a bit-category, of speech act theory is situated in a hermeneutical pragmatic terrain. In a developmental approach, begging act is discussed to hermeneuien the pragmaticistic begging process via felicitous replying act, via multiple strategies which are utilized to communicate cross-cultural message, which is mostly based on English data with reference to Arabic Language, for a more pragmatic hermeneutician than for a differentiation since begging act is positioned, according to Leech (2014), on the blurry outlines, of request territory, to become an unavoidable question nowadays. This approach earnestly discriminates begging act at the nature of inputs and outputs of human capacities. Collateralized trajectories, of the targeted act, are absorbing and sustaining the hermeneutical likelihood of the businesslike atmosphere. Throughout its based realization, the cognitive consummation is abode the wholesome relinquishments to the cogent and gnostic argumentation. Then, persuasive tactics will supply polite situations with how they are exploited in appetite ways, which sometimes devolve to impolite maqams. Accordingly, apt attention will indigenize the diversity of the addressed terms of solidarity and power. Furthermore, enhancing awesome sprinkled conclusion will somehow curb contemporaneous repercussions of the ambiguous use with aid of the hermeneutical tackle and pragmatic modulation.

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International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation

Volume (Issue)

3 (8)





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Hassoun, M. K. . (2020). Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Formula of Begging Speech Act: A Hermeneutical (Re-Cognitive) Developmental Approach. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 3(8), 106–142. Retrieved from



Cultural-pragmatics, hermeneutical, cognitive agent of the action, begging speech act, cognition, solidarity