A Pre-performance Routine Intervention on Golf Putting Distraction and Loss of Attentional Control

distraction attentional control Cognitive-Behavioral Consultation Model BASIC-ID PPR intervention


January 1, 2023


A young elite golfer, Judith, is about to compete in her second year on the professional circuit. She perceived that her choking situation might be a result of debilitative anxiety, poor focus, low confidence, and a lack of perceived control. To prevent choking and improve her ability to focus during pre-performance, the author orients with the Cognitive-behavioral Approach, and employs the Cognitive-Behavioral Consultation Model throughout her intervention in different phases. The followup evaluation of the mental skills and the intervention effectiveness such as the Reflective Questioning and CSAI-2R questionnaire are also employed. It is implicated that the pre-performance routine intervention program can be generalized to a wilder scope of populations in sport with similar situations. Future research can consider tracking the player’s performance and making relevant refinements for the intervention program.