Language and Cognition: A Review Study about the Psycholinguistic of Bilingualism

Bilingualism, psycholinguistics, cognition, language comprehension


  • Saddam H.M Issa
    Assistant professor, College of Education, Hajjah University, Yemen
  • Fares H A Awadh Kuwait College of Science and Technology, Kuwait
October 7, 2021


To get a better understanding of the psycholinguistic approach to language, a wide range of sources were examined in the present research. Language and its cognitive approach were explored in this study from many perspectives. The capacity to learn a language is one of the most complex and distinctive human traits, and no one knows why it happens. It is hard to pin down exactly what bilingualism means since it is such a broad concept. The research of psycholinguistics made important discoveries, such as the need to have language information to utilise language and the mental processes involved. To better understand how two languages (L1, L2) are processed, this article discusses why only a few methods combine behavioural and imaging testing. Therefore, bilingualism cannot be considered a full attribute since no one can be granted a complete or minimum degree of proficiency in a second language.