Understanding Social Media and Socio-Emotional Issues Among the Young: An Empirical Study

Social Media, Socio-Emotional Issues, Empirical Study, well-being of children


  • Arora, P B.El. Ed Graduate, Department of Education, SPM, University of Delhi, India
  • Idnani, D
    Assistant Professor, Department of Education, SPM, University of Delhi, India
October 4, 2021


The present study aims at studying the impact of social media on socio-emotional well-being of children. The methodology used here was random sampling through snowballing technique. A sample of around 50 children aged 11-18 years was collected to understand their responses about their own socio-emotional well-being. The results of the study showed that people use social media for different reasons, but they also face a variety of challenges, from physical health to mental health issues, the most prominent of  what is needed is gratitude,  resilience, calmness, compassion, and the pursuit of hobbies, fitness, and one's  own peace of mind and happiness.