Join As A Reviewer

Journal of Learning and Development Studies (JLDS) welcomes scientists and researchers to participate as peer reviewers of articles being considered for publication in the journal. The peer-review process is important because it guarantees the high quality of articles published, which in turn assures the success of JLDS.

Peer reviewers are internet-based, part-time volunteers whose working language is English. Their main tasks are to read and then recommend whether a manuscript should be accepted as is, accepted with revision, or outright rejected. To that end, peer reviewers will be asked to provide detailed, constructive comments that are substantiated by references where possible and that will help the editors in their publication decisions and with their author interactions. Reviewers must also be on alert for any issues relating to author misconduct, such as plagiarism, and report these to the editors.

Being on the editorial board or a reviewer of a journal is truly productive, pleasant and in fact prestigious which helps in add-on to the scientific world through the ways and guidelines given by experts in the relevant fields. Though it is time consuming and often goes unobserved, there are some important rewards that make the editorial board members/reviewers worthwhile. You will be entitled following benefits while working with us as an editorial board member/reviewer of the journal.

We need our editorial board members and reviewers to be key figures in their professions to have some experience in publishing articles. A reviewer’s comment decides the acceptance or rejection of an article so they play an important role in the peer review process. All the members are requested to test out the articles submitted to them without any bias to increase the quality of our journals. There is no hard and fast rule to analyse an article and it depends upon the worthiness, quality and originality. While verifying the article, you have to go through the following points: 

The acceptance of the following terms and conditions confirms your appointment as a member on the editorial board or reviewer of JLDS. 

It is expected that you will complete the term as stated. This agreement may be terminated at any time based on the following conditions.:

If you are interested to be a reviewer, fill up the application form (Click here to download) and send it to the Journal email address at: