Public and Creative Activities of V.V. Obraztsov in 1920-1930


  • Bayishbek Dakibaevich Budaichiev PhD., National Academy of Arts named after T. Sadykov, Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic


culture, folk art, formation, studios, graphics, painting, amateur artists, creativity, tradition, exhibitions.


The article examines the work of V.V. Obraztsov, one of the founders of Kyrgyz painting in 1920-1930. The main attention is paid to the work of V. Obraztsov on the creation of the first studios in schools and enterprises, holding exhibitions of amateur artists and others. The artist's contribution to the development of newspaper graphics, which was of exceptional importance in the formation of a new art in the republic, is especially noted. The analysis of paintings by V.V. Obraztsov, reflecting the past and present of Kyrgyzstan.


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