Sex Education in Chinese Families with Teenager from the Perspective of Satir’s Iceberg Theory

Teenagers Sex education Family sex education Satir Coping style


  • Jiajia Luo Faculty of History and Culture, Qufu Normal University, Jining City 272000, China
  • Danni Fan Xingtai Bent Banana Information Technology Co., Ltd, Xingtai City 054000, China
17 March 2023


Nowadays, the development of the Internet makes it easy for Chinese teenagers to know something about sex. And teenagers begin to be curious and concerned about sexual detail because of physiological maturation in adolescence. However, sex education is a sensitive area for some parents, so that Chinese parents often interrupt or accuse teenagers when they have some issues about sex. The late data shows that when parents responded by avoiding the question about sex in families, the teenager will have a negative attitude toward sex. The purpose of this study that makes Chinese parents realize the importance of sex education in families first. In addition, Chinese parents need to actively change their ways and to conduct systematic and scientific sex education for children in families. It will be so helpful that teenagers can grow up healthily. The pertinent literature was collected and analyzed in the electronic database, so we think about sex education in Chinese families today based on the theory of Satir’s Iceberg.  Therefore, parents that have children in adolescence should transform their views and coping styles so that real sexual values will be sent to teenagers in a healthy way.