International New Media Accounts on China Content Characteristics

economic human rights common people


  • Qianqian Guo Yili Normal University, Law school, Jirisprudence, Urumq 830001, China
  • Zhuoyi Han College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Connecticut, Stamford, CT 06901, USA
  • Yilei Ye BA Administrative Management, Faculty of society and public administration, Southern Campus of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou 510700, China
10 March 2023


By analyzing and sorting out the content of new media reports in Britain, the United States and South Korea, the differences in terms of words in different fields in the three countries are compared and studied, and the characteristics of foreign new media accounts about China are summarized. The method adopted in this paper is to sort out and summarize the content reported by the mainstream media in the three countries, and the data source is webpage news or the papers of relevant scholars on CNKI. Through the research, it is found that in recent years, the proportion of economic issues in the three countries has been rising, which has also attracted the attention of relevant countries, which means that the content innovation of news reports is imperative in the new era.