A Study on the Dilemma of People's Legal Awareness Caused by the Communication of Public Crisis Events in the Social Media Era: The Beating Incident in Tangshan as an Example

Public crisis events Social media Consciousness of Rule of Law


17 March 2023


With the continuous development of network technology, the most intuitive social result brought by the development of media iss the absolute amount of information increase, we have entered a brand new information society. The production and dissemination of information are not only the key to economic development but also exert an important influence on politics and culture. This paper takes the case of the Tangshan Hitting Incident as an example to analyze the definition, principle, characteristics and dilemma of public crisis communication in the era of social media, as well as the dilemma and analysis of people's awareness of the rule of law. To provide suggestions for better communication of public crisis events in the era of social media, and to efficiently solve the dilemma of communication and legal awareness.