Discussion on the Scientific Research Cooperation Network of Local Colleges and Universities -- Based on the Perspective of Knowledge Governance

Knowledge Governance; Local Universities; Research Collaboration


  • Xiaoqin Zhang
    School of Management, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China
10 March 2023


In recent years, many scholars at home and abroad have carried out relevant research work on scientific research cooperation, but the social network analysis method is commonly used, and the literature on research cooperation network of local universities is relatively small and lacks a systematic theory. Taking knowledge governance as the basic perspective, we analyze the existing research on scientific research cooperation, carry out the analysis of the necessity and feasibility of establishing scientific research cooperation network in colleges and universities, and take 10 colleges and universities in Fujian Province as samples to explore the existing problems of scientific research cooperation network in local colleges and universities, so as to provide theoretical support and new perspectives for the level of scientific and technological innovation and service capability of colleges and universities to enhance the competitiveness of college education.