India and the Commonwealth in the 21st Century: A promise to Growth


  • Subirthana. M.S Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Madras Christian College, India.


Commonwealth, India, Diplomacy, economic growth, Development, South-South Cooperation, Modi’s Government


India has been a member of the Commonwealth since 1947, one of the world’s oldest association of states. The Commonwealth has about 54 member states and India have 55% of the Commonwealths population, which makes India a strong power within the commonwealth. The Commonwealth that members countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, and small island nations of the Pacific and Caribbean. It also of great importance that China one of India’s neighboring countries and a super power is not a member of the Commonwealth. This ensures that India’s membership in the Commonwealth is of great advantage to the nation as China will not be able to involve in the agenda of the Commonwealth and non-interference in India’s relationship with the other Commonwealth member nations. This paper tries to establish the role of India in the Commonwealth and the various advantages it has on India’s growth. The findings of the study prove that India being a member of the Commonwealth benefits in terms of economic growth and diplomacy.


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