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Using Online LWIBTA to Enhance EFL Intermediate Learners’ Listening and Writing Skills


  • Khaled Elkotb Mahmoud Elshahawy Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics-ELT, Institute of Languages, University of Tabuk, Alwajh Campus, Saudi Arabia; Graduate of Northumbria University, England and Mansoura University, Egypt


The current study used a novel integrated approach based on integrating listening and writing skills which is different from the other integrated approaches, to enhance the English language listening and writing skills of the intermediate EFL Saudi undergraduate learners. The study included 100 participants, divided into 50 males and 50 females. The study employed a mixed quantitative and qualitative approach. The study instruments were the pre/post listening writing test (PPLWT), writing scoring rubric, students' weekly reflective journals (SWRJ) and the online listening and writing skills integrated-based teaching approach program (LWSIBTAP). The results of the study proved that the implementation of the 13-week study program through the Blackboard virtual sessions of one of the Saudi universities had achieved the desired results in terms of enhancing the participants' writing and listening skills. Furthermore, the collected data confirmed that the participants had strong motivation and enthusiasm to study the paragraph and the essay writing skills according to the current study program (LWSIBTAP) rather than the traditional way by just focusing on writing skills. Finally, based on the study findings, it is recommended that listening skills should be merged with writing ones when teaching writing skills to intermediate and advanced EFL learners.

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Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

Volume (Issue)

5 (2)





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Elshahawy, K. E. M. (2023). Using Online LWIBTA to Enhance EFL Intermediate Learners’ Listening and Writing Skills. Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, 5(2), 172–182.







Integrated Approach; Listening & Writing Skills