How to Improve Speaking Skills for Undergraduates at Dong Nai Technology University

Speaking ability, task based language teaching, communicative tasks, TBLT


  • Tran Thi Minh Thu
    Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dong Nai Technology University, Vietnam
April 25, 2023


The ability to communicate in both written and spoken form is the main goal of learning English. Teachers need to provide students with opportunities to communicate in English so that they can become fluent speakers. Nonetheless, the majority of non-major students at Dong Nai Technology University are struggling with conversations due to brief and unnecessary pauses. While speaking ability among students must be developed, it has been seen that listening and speaking skills are not given enough attention in the practice of English teaching and learning. The current study seeks to increase non-major sophomores’ oral English fluency. The teaching methodology employed in the study was task-based language teaching (TBLT) which encourages students to participate more in communicative activities and ensures that they will be able to grasp the target language. The researcher used different types of study devices to get the data, including tests, observations as well as questionnaires, to determine how task-based language instruction enhanced students’ speaking abilities and what opinions students had towards the teaching method. By analysing data from test scores, observation notes, and questionnaires, it was concluded that there is a necessity for TBLT for the development of speaking fluency.