The Effect of Using Mind Mapping Technique on Non-English Major Students’ Grammar Achievement at Dong Nai Technology University


May 2, 2023


Grammar is an essential component of language learning, as it provides the structure and rules necessary for effective communication. However, non-English major students often struggle with grammar due to their limited exposure to the language. Traditional teaching methods that focus on memorization and repetition may not be effective in helping these students learn grammar. In recent years, mind mapping has been used as a visual tool to enhance learning in various fields, including education. This research article examines the effect of using mind mapping techniques on non-English major students' grammar achievement at the university level. The study was conducted at Dong Nai Technology University in Vietnam and involved 60 non-English major students who were enrolled in a grammar course. The students were randomly assigned to either an experimental group, which received instruction using mind mapping technique, or a control group, which received instruction using traditional teaching methods. The results of the study indicate that the use of mind mapping technique significantly improved the students' grammar achievement, as measured by a pre-test and post-test. The study suggests that the use of mind mapping techniques can be an effective teaching tool in enhancing non-English major students' grammar achievement.