Insights into Teaching Figurative Languages in Poetry using Advertisement Medium: A Case study

Advertisements, figurative language, teaching poetry, supplementary materials


October 9, 2022


Advertisements are used in foreign language teaching, but this genre is appealing rarely in literature teaching, particularly in poetry. Poetry is one of the interesting genres to teach in the classroom. The intention of teaching poetry is, at times, imbalanced. Teachers forget the significant role of poetry since the main focus is on the exam compared to understanding and interpreting the information. This paper examines the main arguments for using advertisements in poetry teaching to teach figurative language. This research article focuses on some of the appealing uses of figurative language in advertisements and how literature faculty could exploit them in the poetry classroom. This paper aims to examine the effectiveness of using advertisements and slogans as supplementary materials for teaching poetry and how the advertisements connect the content culturally and could help the students understand figurative devices’ implied and literal meanings. For this purpose, the data was collected from 120 students from 3 different semesters (2020-2021-Term-I, 2020-2021-Term-II & 2021-2022-Term-I). This study was carried out to analyze the effectiveness of teaching literary devices using advertisements. This study adopted a quantitative and qualitative research method. Based on the analysis of the study, it was concluded that the general impact of using advertisements as supplementary material in poetry teaching is highly positive, and it also has a great impact on student performance.