Investigating Direct Speaking Strategies of Non-English-majored Students at a University in Dong Nai Province

Speaking, direct strategies, non-English-majored, sophomore.


July 31, 2022


English communication skills are now considered a passport-like requirement for students seeking a secure profession with a higher wage. Additionally, English proficiency is thought to be one of the variables affecting the success of foreign businesses investing in Vietnam, as well as Vietnamese businesses looking to collaborate internationally to develop their brands into new markets abroad. The integration of various linguistic skills demonstrates the value of speaking. The main objective of this study was to investigate the frequency and importance of using direct speaking strategies by non-English-majored students at Dong Nai Technology University. The study involved 90 students who are second-year undergraduate students at Dong Nai Technology University in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province. At the time of the study, the participants were aged 18-19, and they had already attained elementary level. This research uses questionnaires and interviews by applying the SPSS application to analyze the main points relating to the research questions. According to research, direct speaking strategies significantly affect the English speaking skills of Dong Nai Technology University students. At the same time, the difficulties and orientations when learning speaking skills using direct speaking strategies were revealed in the conclusion of the study. To maximize direct speaking strategies and advance the field of study, recommendations have been made for non-English-majored students.