Attitudes of Elementary Students toward Teaching and Learning English Vocabulary through Total Physical Response: A Case Study of Nguyen Khuyen Primary School

The Total Physical Response, TPR, elementary students, attitudes


  • Hue Nguyen
    Dong Nai Technology University, Bien Hoa City, Vietnam
July 31, 2022


This study attempts to investigate elementary students’ attitudes toward teaching and learning English vocabulary through Total Physical Response. It involved a class with 40 elementary students in the fourth grade. All of them were attending English classes at Nguyen Khuyen primary school in Bien Hoa City, where the case study was conducted. The qualitative data were obtained through two instruments: semi-structured interviews and classroom observation. Content analysis was employed for data analysis. The results revealed that the elementary students had positive attitudes toward the use of TPR in vocabulary teaching and learning. This study is expected to shed light on the implementation of teaching vocabulary methods in the Nguyen Khuyen primary school context and other similar contexts.