A Comparative Study on the English Proficiency of Students from Public and Private Schools

English, English Proficiency, STEM Students, Public School, Private School


June 30, 2022


Previous studies showed that educational context factors like schools could influence the English proficiency of students. One of the greatest predictors of proficiency among language learners is the type of school they are attending – either public or private. Empirical data also suggested that English proficiency had an impact on students’ performance in science and math courses. Hence, this study examined which type of senior high school (SHS) – public or private school – could produce more proficient students in using the English language. The data gathering process focused on SHS students from both public and private schools, who were enrolled in the academic track of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The study investigated their English proficiency and looked into their profile variates; the difference in their English proficiency in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, which turned out to be significant whether they were in a public school or private school; the relationship between their English Proficiency and the type of school they attended which was also significant; and the relationship between their English proficiency and their academic performance in English courses which was found to have nothing to do with the former.