YouTube Videos as a Resource for Self-Regulated Pronunciation Practice in EFL Distance Learning Environments

YouTube pronunciation videos, pronunciation videos, pronunciation errors, pronunciation practice, pronunciation subskills, EFL students, self-regulated learning, self-regulated practice, distance learning


April 26, 2022


Many EFL students have limited opportunities to listen to native speakers, practice English out of class, have problems in listening comprehension, oral expression and lack oral fluency. This article proposes using YouTube videos to improve EFL students' pronunciation. It aims to show the following: (i) How YouTube videos can be integrated in EFL instruction to teach pronunciation; (ii) the advantages of integrating YouTube videos: They are free, provide variety of topics, speakers, difficulty level, can be easily downloaded to the laptop or mobile phone and can be viewed anywhere and anytime; (iii) show how examples YouTube videos that target a specific pronunciation skill can be located; (iv) criteria for selecting online videos such as the video length in minutes, topic familiarity, difficulty level, speed of the speakers, students’ proficiency level, and students’ interests; (v) pronunciation subskills that can be developed through supplementary YouTube videos; (vi) teaching and learning with YouTube videos before watching a video, while watching the video and after watching the video. Further recommendations for developing students’ pronunciation are given.