The Impact of Critical Thinking on HUFI English-major Freshmen’s Essay Writing

Critical thinking; critical thinking skills; essay writing; essay writing process


  • Vo Thi Thu Thao
    Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
June 8, 2021


According to the final test results of writing courses, it is indicated that the essay writing process has been still a radical challenge among HUFI English-major students. This paper illustrates a preliminary study in which English-major students’ perceptions about how critical thinking skills impact their process of writing short essays is investigated. To verify the issue, survey research and classroom observations were planned and conducted. A set of questionnaires was first handed out to 120 students in the Writing 2 course (Essay Writing) to explore students’ insights on the importance of critical thinking in their writing, and then six sections of students’ in-class writing were observed to identify both benefits and challenges of applying critical thinking skills to the essay writing task. The findings indicated that critical thinking plays a crucial role in enhancing students’ ability to plan and capacity to write essays as well as minimizing weaknesses in students’ essay writing process.